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Something New at Nouveau! InstaLift!

The state of Pandemia (that might actually be a new word), or the process of being in a pandemic, and the resultant effects have left me with a different, sometimes confused, sense of time. Especially during the total lockdown phase when Nouveau was closed, I thought that time went on forever, and then at the end of that period, I wondered what I did with that time. I also became aware I liked having “time” and living the fullness of time with a sense of serenity.

Lockdown became a time for learning, some of which I am about to share with you. If you have ever stood in front of the mirror altering the position of the skin and tissues of your face, you should read further.

For the last 5-6 years “threads” have been a highly marketed facial lifting strategy short of surgery. If you know me, you know I research new procedures in the industry and will only offer products or procedures with strong scientific data, and solid value. I was not a fan of the “threads” I was seeing, and knew there were “threads” being developed in Europe which were made of PLLA (Poly-L Lactic Acid), better known as Sculptra. Sculptra is a bio-stimulator meaning we put it in your face or body as if it were a filler, but it’s real function is to stimulate your body to produce Collagen en masse at the location of fill. Having fulfilled its purpose, Sculptra then leaves your body within 3 weeks. The intention is to remind your body to perform at its maximum potential. I have used Sculptra often to generate volume, primarily in cheeks for the last 10 years and love the results. Just prior to our pandemic lockdown status, InstaLift Threads (made of Sculptra) came to market in the US.

As a child, my mother and grandmother taught me the art of embroidering and quilting – needles and threads, needles and threads. I surely would have embroidered many a tea towel and pillow case if the pandemic had happened then. I did not embroider or quilt during the lockdown, but I did learn how to use these new InstaLift Threads for the benefit of lifting facial sagging skin. I have loved training with multiple professionals from around the country because perfecting the technique comes with understanding and creating a treasure chest of tools and tips for the best outcome.

On October 11th I will travel to Florida to the OBI Institute of Aesthetics to train with Gerri Obi, Master artist and teacher of facial threading and all things aesthetic. I have talked with her via Zoom and feel our styles of seeking realistic results and venturing outside the norm a bit, will enhance the knowledge I have accumulated thus far-only to further enhance client outcomes.

Join us September 30th at our Fall Chocolate, Cheese, and Champagne Soiree’.

I will demonstrate marking a face and discuss how the “Thread” process works and how I select candidates for the procedure at 4 pm that day. Call Beth at 314-394-3314 to reserve a space.

Artist, Jennifer Olwig, will have a showing of select pieces of her work from 5-8.

Intuitive, Aspen Robinson, will be with us on Zoom for 15-minute Intuitive Reading - our gift to you. A reservation is required for a reading. Times are from 5-8.

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