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Sculptra, Our #1 Face and Body Rejuvenation Tool!

Let’s talk Sculptra! If Carol can give you one tool that gets your body to repair itself and create a natural soft and beautiful correction, along with keeping you looking like you, this is it!

Sculptra is a bio stimulator which when injected stimulates your body to produce collagen and elastin to repair and regenerate its own tissues. Your cells communicate with each other and because of this not only does Sculptra create volume, but when injected deeply your cells communicate upward and give you correction on the surface as well!

Carol is one of the first to use Sculptra in St. Louis and has been using it since 2008. She has also trained under the world-renowned Dr. Danny Vleggar who is known for his pioneering techniques with Sculptra!

We love Sculptra and know you will too!

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