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If you remember I had a wonderful trip to Rosemary Beach with my children and grandchildren this summer, had a little too much “fun in the sun”, and told you I would have to do skin “clean-up” in the fall.

Well, the time has come. October 15th , I spent the afternoon having my face, neck, and decollete’ treated with Infini and PRP. My personal goal was to achieve refinement of pore size, reduction of fine lines, tightening and lifting of the jawline, neck, and brow, and volumization of my cheeks. That is a lot to wish for in one treatment. So you may ask, really?

I actually will get some benefit in all of those areas from just one treatment, and more from a series of 3 spread 6 weeks apart, which is the plan. How does it work? Infini simplified is really heat from radiofrequency delivered via microneedles deep into the dermis stimulating collagen and elastin production. Platelet Rich Plasma is your own internal fountain of youth, stimulating the activity of Growth Factors, and Mesenchymal Stem Cells. Growth Factors regenerate and rebuild new cells, and the stem cells create adipogenesis and dermagenesis – or create new fat cells and dermal cells. Strategically placed they will re-volumize areas of my face that have over the last two years lost volume.

The process took about 2 hours, drawing blood, spinning in the centrifuge, injecting my cheeks and lips, and then having the Infini. I numbed with topical cream for one hour before, and took 1 Tylenol #3 for pain relief. The pain level was very manageable, more along the jawline and forehead, less in the cheeks and neck.

Consider this: We all know how we dread Before and After photos because they involve bearing our bare faces and souls to the camera. I too dread putting these photos up for your critique, but here we go. When you look at the photos, you will notice bruising under my eyes and in my lips. This is from the injections. If I had done Infini with PRP and no injections, I would not have the bruises.

The photos demonstrate in this order, the procedure itself, before the procedure, 24 hours post, and 17 days post. We will do photos again at 4 weeks post procedure and then repeat the procedure at 6 weeks.

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