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Everyone wants to look Forever Young…and Now Everyone can!

Forever Young BBL is clinically proven to reverse aging–with NO DOWNTIME.

What is Forever Young BBL? (FYBBL)

FYBBL is a cutting edge new skin treatment utilizing pulsed light. The protocol was developed by Patrick Bitter, Jr., dermatologist, who is considered the world’s topmost authority on IPL/BBL treatments. FYBBL will help eliminate brown spots, redness, enlarged pores wrinkles, etc. It also increases your skin’s reflectivity of light which produces a much more youthful appearance or – the glow. The best feature is no downtime.

What makes FYBBL so special?

In a study conducted at Stanford University by Patrick Bitter, FYBBL was shown to literally cause genes to express themselves younger. We are now talking about not just slowing down the signs of aging, but actually reversing it. An independent panel of 400 people were asked to guess the ages of 15 test subjects who had gone through the FYBBL study. The panel guessed the subjects to be 11 years younger than they actually were. It’s the first study to conclusively prove age reversal!

Who is qualified to perform FYBBL?

Once I learned about FYBBL, I attended lectures and one-on-one training with Dr. Bitter. What better source of learning than from the Dr. who developed the protocol and performed the study? FYBBL utilizes the Sciton BBL/S System to deliver a variety of wavelengths of light, pulse widths, and deep tissue tightening. Only the Sciton system can deliver FYBBL. FYBBL delivers some of the most amazing results I have seen over the 10 years I have been in aesthetic medicine.

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