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Answer these questions to find out where you fall on the pH spectrum.

How does your skin feel after cleansing?

1. Soft and smooth

2. Tight and dry

3. Still slightly oily or not thoroughly clean 

How often do you moisturize your face?

1. At least morning and evening

2. Once a day

3. Never

Has your skin become sensitive to products you regularly use, including makeup and creams?

1. No, it feels normal, like always.

2. Once in awhile

3. Yes. It seems like it reacts to everything I put on it lately.

How often does your skin have dry, flaky, rough patches?

1. Never

2. Sometimes

3. Usually

Do you notice that your skin looks duller and has more lines in the morning?

1. No

2. Yes, usually

3. It’s a very rare occurrence

Is your skin excessively oily and prone to breakouts (whereas it wasn’t in the past)?

1. No

2. Occasionally

3. Yes

Does your skin often look red and feel irritated? 

1. No

2. It stings only after applying products

3. Yes

Does your skin look plump, moist, and dewy?


1. Almost always

2. Rarely

3. It’s plump, but more greasy than dewy

If you answered mostly 2′s, your skin’s pH is:   Too high.  Your chronic dryness and wrinkling likely mean your acid mantle is being dismantled-you’re too alkaline.  With its protective lipids removed, your skin is falling prey to bacteria, UV rays, and harsh ingredients.  take a close look at how (and how often) you’re cleansing, scrubbing, and hydrating.  You need to make sure that your skin can ward off the damaging factors that are making it look older than it should.

If you answered mostly 1’s, your skin’s pH is:  Just right!  Your skin (and its pH) live in a shiny happy place not inhabited by premature aging and wrinkles.  Having skin this good isn’t an accident, so kudos for you for moisturizing, exfoliating, and using the right products.  Stay the same course and you will continue to glow.

If you answered mostly 3’s, your skin’s pH is:  Too low.   Your regular oiliness, breakouts, and sensitivity point to acid overload.  Changes are, you’re OD’ing on the peeling products (think acids) in an effort to sop up excess grease.  While this type of exfoliation can make for a healthy complexion, your skin is suffering from too much of a good thing.  Your mission is to use products in moderation instead of abusing them and your skin.

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