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Coronavirus and Nouveau

I want to let you know, we share the concern for the spread of Coronavirus and we have a healthy respect for this little known, but world famous pathogen. With careful consideration, Nouveau is currently open for business. If you are a client of ours, you know we have very light foot traffic, meaning there are rarely more than 3 or 4 people in the spa at any given time. We are considerate of your privacy and your health on a daily basis.

We are following the recommendations and guidelines of the St. Louis City, County, and Missouri State Health Departments, the CDC, and President Trump for the protection of our community.

While we remain open, we may elect shorter hours for the duration of the next two weeks. If you have an appointment and choose to keep it, we ask you to consider your contacts, and your health condition. If you have been in touch with anyone who is symptomatic of anything, which may include Influenza Type A & B and Coronavirus, or what may appear to be a simple cold, please notify us and we will help you reschedule.

We are wearing a mask during treatments and follow our usual guidelines for cleaning following any treatment every day. Please call if you have any question about your service, appointment, or Nouveau hours of operation.

A young Physician from Wuhan China said this, “Coronavirus is not stopped by panic, rather intelligence”, and followed with a list of helpful suggestions to follow in our daily lives:

1. Drink lemon water- the virus doesn’t like the acidity of lemon.

2. Drink warm to hot liquids- the virus doesn’t live in temperatures over 78 degrees F.

3. Gargle with disinfectant solutions or salt water.

4. Wash your hands – The virus lives for 10 minutes on your hands. Much can happen in that time.

5. Wash your clothing daily. The virus lives nested in fabric 6-12 hours.

6. Wash your towels, sheets and pillow cases.

7. Clean your mouse and keyboard.

8. Clean your steering wheel and phone

9. Maintain 6 feet between people.

10. Fill your lungs with fresh air and hold for 10 seconds at least once every day.

Carol and Staff

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