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A Change of Season, A Change of Heart, and a Time for Awakening!

Updated: Oct 13

I do Love, Love, Love the seasons we have in Missouri –reason for change, reason for reflection! Autumn is such a beautiful time full of changing colors and activities. It is a time of fluctuating temperatures – warm days and cool nights – adding layers of clothing and removing layers of clothing. What I love is the memory of fall growing up on my family farm between New Haven and Hermann along the Missouri River. It was corn picking, apple picking time and with that came the aromas of corn shucks in the air around the farm, and the wafting of apple pie from inside the house – the memory soothes my soul and brings a glint of happiness to my face. It makes me want to go on a hayride-kerchoo!

Along with the seasonal change, so also our skin changes to accommodate or respond to the change in weather and temperature. Fall – and corn shucks – bring with it new pollens in the air and usually a dryer air. All of this affects the condition of our skin. Many who have seasonal allergies will increase their dose of some Antihistamine, like Zyrtec, et al, which calms and dries the sniffly, sneezy thing and also our skin. So, when you increase the antihistamine, be sure you address the needs of your skin as well. Hydrate internally and externally. Provide internal and external nutrition for the skin to protect the epidermal lipid barrier from breaking down. Check the humidity in your home as well. You may benefit from adding a humidifier system on your HVAC system.

Vitamin C topical is, of course, always at the top of our list, for the powerful antioxidant it is as well as providing an internal layer of sunscreen, lightening, and brightening. Niacinamide, a derivative of Vitamin B3 might as well be dubbed the source of all things divine when it comes to your skin. Niacinamide is proven to stimulate collagen production ad boost your skin cells’ turnover rate with its anti-inflammatory powers. In turn this strengthens your ski’s lipid barrier, minimizes redness, shrinks pores, slows down overproduction of oil, repairs sun damage, fades hyperpigmentation, retexturizes the skin, controls acne, and slows down signs of fine lines and wrinkles. Like I said, all things divine!!!!

Call 314-394-3314 or come by for a skincare product analysis and regimen recommendations!

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